There are some things Jesse Vaughn will never give up and basketball is one of them. He could play for hours, but now it's in five-minute spurts.

Doctors have been telling him his kidneys are beginning to fail. He was told kidney function was down to 6 percent before he started dialysis. He's been on dialysis for nine months and on the kidney donor registry for almost three years.

And here enters Carl Alsabrook, the city manager of Royse City. They are not quite strangers, but acquaintances.

"We never even had a 60-second conversation, probably saw you 5 or 6 times a year," said Alsabrook.

Carl Alsabrook is the city manager of Royse City and Jesse Vaughn is with the city's Economic Development group. Carl knew Jesse's kidneys were failing. He knew he was on the donor registry for years, but it wasn't until he saw Jesse walking downtown one day.

"He didn't have his normal spring in his step. I think God spoke to me and told me you can help him," said Carl.

Carl learned they had had the same blood type and his kidneys tested very well. Carl moved his own wedding date to donate his kidney to Jesse Vaughn.

"Never seen anything like that. I told Carl I'm not a good person because I don't know if I would have done it for someone I don't know," said Vaughn.

The surgery happens next week. They say it is not just fate, but also faith that makes this connection work from barely-know-each-others to soon bonded for life.

"I'm just a guy doing life and so is he. I've got two [kidneys] he needs one, and I only need one," said Alsabrook. It's a very simple way to describe an event that will change lives.

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