The Fort Worth Zoo sent a team of six men to Victoria, Texas Thursday morning to help a zoo hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Zoo Director Michael Fouraker will lead the team to The Texas Zoo, where staff have been standing by since before Hurricane Harvey first hit.

"They haven't even left to go see their own homes," Fouraker said.

The Fort Worth crew will help exhausted zoo staff and assess damage to the facility. Right now there are no reported animal injuries or escapes, but Fouraker said they still have to be careful.

"We've got a guy who knows how to handle snakes and can look out while we work," Fouraker said.

The group took an RV, ATV, boat, and jeep on their expedition. They've packed gasoline and as many supplies as possible on their caravan. Lodging will be tight as well -- all six men will live and sleep inside the RV while they're in Victoria.

"It'll be tight but we've got some beds that pull out," Fouraker said.

Their mission is to keep animals safe and to support their fellow zoo staff. Because Fort Worth says if they ever needed help, other Texas zoos would do the same for them.