The new shop she just opened was not what Cindy Pennington had in mind when she dreamed of starting her own business.

But it is exactly what she wanted after stumbling across the idea on Facebook.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! This is the most amazing idea in the world,’” she said.

Cindy offers a few items for sale up front, but what really gets the phone ringing is what’s in back.

Over the years, Cindy has fostered many cats but wanted to share that joy. Which is why she’s now the proud owner of the Casual Cat Café and Lounge in Richland Hills.

The cats are from local shelters, and for a small fee they’re available to anyone who just needs to smile.

Lloyd Everett is Cindy’s landlord and one of her first customers.

"It’s fun to play with ‘em for one thing,” Everett said. “And they’re having a good time too.”

“It’s exciting. Something to do,” said another customer.

Cindy hopes it’s not just the customers who benefit from this interaction, but the cats too. She figured that if people just take time to play with the cats, a bond might form.

In fact, just about a week after opening, the Casual Cat Café had its first adoption. Cindy expects many more cats will find new homes soon.

“In an ideal world, every city shelter would be paired with something like a cat café,” she said.

Picture it: Cafes everywhere ,serving those who just want to spend time with a good person.

All of the cats at the Casual Cat Café are ready for adoption and can be adopted at any time.