No Bummer Summer.

It started as a way for a few friends to honor Esme Barrera, a teacher of children with special needs and a volunteer counselor at Girls Rock Kids Camp in Austin. The 29-year-old was murdered in her Austin home on New Year's Day in 2012.

Gone too soon, her death left a hole in so many hearts because of how she lived her life.

"Anybody whose life was touched by her has felt a very deep connection with her," said friend Kerissa Bearce of Fort Worth. "I think about her all the time."

Friends say she was the kind of person who truly lived life to the fullest.

"When I think of Esme, I think of how when you go to see a rock show or something like that, when she's there, she's always at the front."

The summer after Esme's death, Bearce and other friends vowed to do fun things together, so "No Bummer Summer" was born.

"As we grow older, it's harder for us to put ourselves into those: not just being a kid, but just living with abandon and just having fun and not worrying about what people think of you," Bearce said. "[Esme] didn't have to think consciously about that."

No Bummer Summer 2017

The No Bummer Summer Club started with just a few friends. Now, people all over the globe are completing the fun activities you'll find on small punch cards that can be downloaded here.

There's even a card for kids. This year's card includes roller-skating. WFAA joined Bearce and her niece at Arlington Skatium to check off that item.

"This is really just about Esme. And it's about people having fun and people living in that moment. If I can bring that to people, that's amazing," Bearce concluded.