A group of men in North Texas spent their Easter doing something radically different -- setting out on a wild ride to change lives.

It's not unusual for church goers to gather for breakfast before the sun rises on Easter weekend. What is unusual, besides the choice of Sunday best, is being in such a hurry to race out the door.

This weekend 11 men squeezed into their best leather, strapped on their helmets, and left Midway Church for a 2,700 mile trip in the open air on motorcycles.

"It was either this, a girlfriend, or a hot rod. I love my wife too much for the girlfriend, and I'm a missionary so I can't afford the hot rod," Brian Weed said with a laugh.

Truthfully, Weed's been a missionary in Nicaragua for 15 years and started planning this unique trip eight months ago with an important crisis in mind.

"The bottom line is getting at-risk kids and teens off the streets and into our churches," he said.

While most of us were eating ham and hunting eggs, these guys spent Easter crossing the border to Mexico to fulfill an important purpose.

“We’ve talked a lot about leading lives of significance,” one said.

“It’s radical generosity," Weed added. "That’s what the Lord has done for us.”

The group of men will pass through five countries before arriving in Nicaragua later this month. After that they'll fly home. But for their bikes, it's a one-way trip.

Each rider spent about $10,000 of his own money to buy a bike, just to give it away in Nicaragua. Not to mention the nearly $300,000 they raised to help Brian continue his mission.

“Our trip and our effort will give hope to boys and girls in Nicaragua,” one man said.

These guys have sacrificed time, money, and Easter at home, and say they'd do it all again -- even after the Son has risen.