DECATUR, Texas-Gone is the bed where she slept some ten years. Gone too are the wheelchairs.

But Jackie's Murphree's racing buggy still sits in the corner of her family's home, adorned with medals that defied the odds.

Earlier this month, the 31-year-old champion quietly passed away from pneumonia.

"There's something good that can come out of it. We were fortunate enough to see that good because people would come and tell us," Jackie's father, Pat Murphree said.

Pat admits to feeling a little lost in his Wise County home these days.

He cared for Jackie 24/7 after she was severely injured in a drunk driving crash in 2007.

"Each time something changed, there was a new normal. This is a new normal, it's really not that much fun," he said.

As WFAA discovered during the past decade, there were no guarantees Jackie would even make it after the accident that fateful August night.

"If she survives, she would be severely brain damaged, she would be in a vegetative state," he said.

Jackie progressed beyond what doctors thought possible.

Her passion for marathon racing became something that her father said she lived for.

"When we did the marathons, she'd get excited when the crowd would cheer her name," he said.

Jackie's case garnered a lot of attention in her home town of Decatur, but elsewhere too, around the state and even the country.

"They'd come up and ask us, 'Is that Jackie?' Because they'd seen her so many different places," he said.

Her family says they'll continue raising money for a scholarship to honor her legacy. Donations can be made here.

It's what she would want. "You can’t replace that type of blessing, that type of love," he said.

She's became an inspiration to so many.