Christmas and the month of December means special times at the home of Carol Francois and Clyde Henderson. In addition to holiday parties, the north Dallas couple enjoys decorating their home with a unique collection of Santa Claus figurines and images.

Francois said her Santa collection is rare and it is large. The collection is uniquely made up of well over 100 figurines and images of Black Santa.

"We have Santas that are music boxes. We've got fireman Santa. We've got pirate Santa. We've got baseball Santa,” Francois said. “So, it's like Santa doing all kinds of things."

The rare cultural collection spreads from the dining room to the den, and from the hallways to the couple’s kitchen.

“Almost every room in our house has Santas,” Francois explained, “including our bathroom.”
The home’s Santa decorations also include pillows, paintings, placemats, and salt and pepper shakers.

“We need to be multicultural,” Francois said. “Santa can be any size, shape. Santa is Santa. He’s magic.”

Francois and her husband said the collection all started back in 1994, when one of her friends gave her a figurine of a Santa holding a child on its lap. The obsession for collecting Black Santa’s grew over the years. Francois says she never saw images of a Black Santa when she grew up in Pennsylvania. Now she proudly displays her collection each December.

"Everybody loves to see them,” she said. “It doesn't matter what culture or background. Everybody loves them."

Henderson says his favorite item in the collection is the 6’6” figure of Santa dragging a sled of gifts, which sits in the center of the couple’s home. They’ve nicknamed the figure “Big Santa.”

"Everyone, when they leave, on the way out the door, they take a picture with Big Santa,” Henderson said.

The couple said they hope the collection inspires a smile on the faces of all their guests this holiday season.