Baby Harper and mom Hayden Hilborn are doing fine after Harper decided to come into the world a full 13 days early.

"We knew she was in labor but we didn't know the baby was about to come right then," said Charleen Blackwell, Hayden Hilborn's mother and grandmother to Harper.

Saturday night, Hilborn told her mom that the new baby was on the way.

"She was having a contraction so I went in to be her coach," Blackwell said. "When that contraction were ending, she said, 'I think she's coming,' and she was."

The family jumped into action. Dad called 911 and Blackwell quickly realized there was no time to spare. That's when grandmother delivered her second grandchild inside her home in Royse City, with no paramedics or medical background, just a motherly instinct.

"I was praying that she was going to be OK," Blackwell said. "And that she was going to cry and she did and that was the most beautiful sound."

That cry came just 20-some minutes before Mother's Day.

"I will not forget her birthday," Blackwell said.

It was an unexpected birthday celebration they won't soon forget.