This may be the most monumental home building project ever in North Texas, and the most odd way to celebrate.

“This is definitely a dream come true for me," said lead project designer Donna Moss.

Donna and her husband Paul are the creative minds behind the Designers Decorate Dallas Showhouse.

Traditional Home Magazine is the muscle. Every year the magazine, which caters to lovers of design, spotlights a few houses that represent the best in style and design.

Being selected is like winning the Super Bowl.

“There is not too many builders and designers and decorators that get to do a project of this scale," Paul said.

Which is why, for Donna and Paul, this is such a big deal. It's the first time Traditional Home Magazine has chosen a home in Texas.

"There’s so much great design going on in Texas, so we had to," the magazine's Editor-in-Chief Jill Waage said. "We had to jump in.”

Donna, who once had her own show on HGTV, says nothing quite compares to this.

"This has been so much more fun because we can kinda do it our way," she said.

Donna and Paul are working with 20 of America's best designers to make the chosen house in Southlake the most beautiful one in North Texas.

Once it's finished in September, the $3.4 million, 7,500 square-foot house will be shown to the public and then sold.

The project's executive producer, Christi Tasker, lost her grandfather to Alzheimer's about a year ago. She says he couldn't remember much, but he did remember how to do one criss-cross dance.

She's not the only one on this project affected. Paul's mom is losing her memories, too.

That's why proceeds from tours and the sale of the home will go toward finding a cure for this terrible disease.

“There’s no one that’s ever been cured from Alzheimer’s, so we’re hoping that we can be a part of the big picture to get something done for that," Paul said.

Which makes this home invaluable.