Candy Smith is a single mom who decided it was time to get out of corporate America and start her own business.

"For some people, they told me how crazy I was and that just made me have to win,” said Smith.

Four years ago, she took her life savings, launched Candy's Signature Cocktails and so began her journey.

"I feel like I have a lot of stitches and black eyes from what I have been through," said Smith.

She created her cocktails to appeal to women. She wanted all natural ingredients. She wanted them to be flavorful, ready to pour and affordable. A bottle is less than $20.

"I wanted to be the brand that toasts to amazing electric dynamic women and those who love them,” she said.

The first few years were a struggle just to get into stores, though last year, she unveiled her Candy Cane flavored drink, which this holiday season is flying off the shelves.

“From this year to the next, we should triple the sales," she said.

She joins a growing number of Americans who want to have their own businesses. Trent Humphries, who wrote a book on launching businesses, is one of her advisors. His book is called In Pursuit of the Headless Chicken.

He says the key to success is in relationships.

"It's like a bank. You can't go to a bank. You haven't made deposits in and take money out, and there is a lot to relationship value and relationship capital that you need to build your business,” said Humphries.

Candy Smith says if you want it bad it enough, you can have it. She knows because after years of hard work, she is toasting to success.

You can find Candy’s Signature Cocktails at almost all major liquor stores including Total Wine, Specs and Goody Goody.