When we first met and introduced you to 12-year-old Audrey Webb, she was flying high.

She had just convinced her parents to put a contraption in the backyard so she could practice her circus act.

Audrey started defying gravity four years ag, after, her mom says, they’d exhausted every other hobby under the big top.

“Figure skating, hockey, gymnastics, dance, you name it, we tried it. And she hated it all,” said Audrey’s mom, Karin.

But when they stumbled across a circus school down the street, Audrey fell in love. She started doing aerial acts and dreamed of performing for sold out crowds around the world.

12-year-old girl dreams of being in the circus

Since that original story aired, Audrey’s life has been a circus.

Turns out people in the circus love helping kids try out the circus.

So when Dallas Summer Musicals saw WFAA's story, they invited Audrey to the production of “Circus 1903.” Before the show she met Elena, who Audrey said is like the Beyoncé of aerial skills.

“She’s just so good and I wanna be that good,” Audrey said. “I wanna be that good at aerial skills.”

Audrey’s story even made it all the way to Vermont, to a place called Circus Smirkus -- a circus camp for kids. They were so impressed they gave Audrey a scholarship to attend this summer and pursue her dream.

12-year-old girl dreams of being in the circus

Which begs the question, how does she know this all isn’t just a dream?

“I’ve pinched myself several times, but also after you came to our house, a dog bit me all the time, so I think I’m good,” Audrey joked.

Told you her life’s been a circus.