RICHARDSON, Texas -- In the corner of a hospital chapel, Thomas Youngblood, 69, is waiting on his bride.

"Oh yeah, I'm excited but not really nervous," Youngblood said.

Cancer put Deborah Wilson, 67, in a wheelchair, but it won't stop her from walking down the aisle. Her grandson walked her down the aisle.

"We were high school sweethearts," Wilson said. It's a love story that goes back half a century to Waxahachie High School.

"We had good times, when we went out together. I just didn't want to go steady with him -- sorry about that," Wilson said.

They went on to marry other people. Wilson is divorced and Youngblood lost his wife last spring after a long battle with Alzheimer's.

"It takes them away from you very early, very, very early," Youngblood said.

In the last year, they've reconnected, picking up right where they left off as teenagers.

"It was like we hadn't skipped a day. It was very very easy," Youngblood said.

Just a few months into their relationship, Wilson was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. She had emergency surgery just last week. The two weren't going to wait any longer before tying the knot.

It may have taken 50 years, but these two are finally newlyweds.

"The message is I guess that never give up, and love lasts forever. Love can get you through a lot of things," Youngblood said.