The students at Cottonwood Creek Elementary School in Coppell have looked forward to this day all year.

“Happy last day of school," the principal told them all.

The start of summer is the end of an incredible project too, that for some of these kids has been years in the making.

“It just started as a little grassroots thing with some kids, and they said we can do it and they did," Principal Andra Penny said.

Their project was to help people with cancer, specifically people who have lost their hair from chemotherapy. About a dozen students, mostly girls, go the entire year without a haircut just so they can cut and donate it on the last day of school.

“It’s just a selfless thing to do," one teacher said as she fought back tears.

Fourth grader Xavier Cortez-Seoane spent two years growing his hair just to give it away.

Students in Coppell donate their hair to cancer patients.

“He said, ‘I bet little boys with cancer would like little boy hair. I’m gonna grow my hair!’ And that was it. From that moment on, he grew his hair," Xavier's mom Haydee Seoane said.

Teachers like Allison Hartzell are grateful. Allison was diagnosed with Stage 4 head and neck cancer last year. Her daughter is a student at Cottonwood Creek.

“She was so precious when she found out I had cancer," Allison said. "She said mommy you can have my hair.”

Allison didn't lose her hair but the medical bills are piling up. So these kids looked for a way to help her, too.

They sold Popsicles and collected donations, and yesterday presented to her a check for $3,800.

Her husband's jaw dropped when the donation was announced. All of this because of kids as young as six.

"I had the best time of my life. It was super fun," one student said.

“I’m happy that I did it," said another student.

“I like helping people," added another.

All these kids wanted was to donate a small piece of hair. We now know they gave all of their heart, too.