On a blistering hot November day, drivers from the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series are out practicing on the very track they'll race on Friday.

Among them is a man who's not taking a single lap for granted.

"I used to sit in these stands as a fan and watch these races and think how cool would it be to be out there," said Weatherford's Ted Minor.

Minor is a NASCAR driver. WFAA met him in 2014 when he first joined NASCAR at the age of 40. He told us then his goal was to get to Texas Motor Speedway.

"It would just be a dream come true," he said then.

At age 43, Minor has finally made it. On Friday night, he's strapping in for the ride of his life at TMS. It's an incredible feat all things considered.

"My path to NASCAR is a little bit different than the normal path," Minor says. "I didn’t come from a wealthy family. I didn’t come from a racing family."

By the time he started racing at age 30, he sadi he'd already served in the military and started his own business.

"That’s my favorite picture to look at, to see my name finally on the back of one of these trucks," he said.

Minor may be racing people half his age, but his 13 years of dedication has paid off.

"It’s perseverance and hard work, there’s no magic. It’s not going to be handed to you," he said.

Minor said even just being in the midst of everything is exciting enough. When he hits the track Friday night for the race, he said that will be something entirely different.

"It's going to be very exciting," Minor said. "I think a lot of emotions are going to come back after all the years of trying to get here. Until that green flag drops and then you forget about all that and then you go racing."

A moment years in the making that'll likely just fly by.