A Japanese woman is bringing the definition of "cat lady" to the next level and the internet is falling paws over heels in love.

<p>(Photo courtesy of Instgram @rinne172)</p>

Rie and her 3-year-old cat Maro have dinner together in style. Maro dresses up in different adorable and intricate outfits nearly every night.

Luckily for the rest of the world, Rie welcomes us to their dinner table by posting photos of their dining experience on her Instagram. And with over 110,000 followers, Maro may just be the internet's most popular host.

<p>(Photo courtesy of Instgram @rinne172)</p>

"About two years ago, when I started an Instagram, there were festivals in the district and I started putting a Happi coat on Maro," Rie said.

A Happi coat is a traditional Japanese straight-sleeved coat. Since then, Maro has rocked many different looks. From a sushi cat to a snail to an cat-ountant, Maro looks adorable in all of his outfits, however, Rie says her all-time favorite is his chef outfit.

Check out some of Maro's adorable looks: