FORT WORTH, Texas --There are a lot of ways to pocket some extra money in college, but what two Texas Christian University juniors have started is a little dirtier than most ventures.

Chandler Fields and Devin Gallemore both drive pick-up trucks. Turns out, that is a money maker.

"We started getting all these requests from our friends to help with moving, and trash pick up," says Gallemore.

That was back in August.

By September, the duo had started a trash pick-up service dubbed Dumpster Divers.

"It's like an Uber for trash idea. And just like that, texts and calls came rolling in from different people saying, 'Hey, I love this,"' said Fields.

Right now, the operation just fields requests through texts, email, and phone calls. They meet later this month with software folks to talk about developing an actual phone app.

That could prove costly, but the friends think they might be able to find some financial support.

"There could be demand," said Gallemore. "Basically, when you have trash on your curb, and you want it gone now, it'll get done as soon as a driver responds to the request."

Most removals only cost $20, although if someone is looking to get rid of a lot of furniture, like couches or dressers, the business partners say it can be more.

Word of their services has quickly spread across campus and the surrounding area, thanks in part to an article in the school's student newspaper.

Fields says they're already working to expand to tailgate events, and perhaps even local businesses. "For $20, it's really a good deal," he said.

The pair's timing is good. Last month, a new state law went into effect which enhanced littering and illegal dumping penalties.

Gallemore says a simple call to haul away debris or a couch, instead of leaving it sitting on the curb, could save some major bucks.

"No one wants to pay $2,000 for having trash on their property, $2,000 vs $20. C'mon," he said.