Thank You For Your Service is a powerful and well-acted film that deals with the struggles of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). From the writer of American Sniper and starring Miles Teller, Haley Bennett and more, this film shows the harsh realities of what it’s like for a solider returning home from war.

When a group of U.S. soldiers return from Iraq, their lives are anything but normal. With the memory of war still haunting them, they attempt to integrate back into ordinary life. For some, this means family, while for others it means dealing with the mental issues associated with their time as a solider.

Jason Hall, writer of American Sniper, does a solid job in his directorial debut of Thank You For Your Service and adapts a heartfelt story based on true events depicted in a book from David Finkel. Miles Teller gives another strong performance, while his female counterpart Haley Bennett delivers in her role as well. The supporting cast is made up of Joe Cole, Beulah Koale, Keisha Castle-Hughes and Amy Schumer.

The film shows how difficult it is for someone to go off to war and come back without suffering post-traumatic issues. All these soldiers see for lengths at a time is fighting and disturbing images. Then they come back to their old lives, and it’s hard to just be normal. Between mental issues, problems finding a job and simply getting help from the government of any kind, the film details how much of a struggle it is for veterans.

If you’re a fan of modern war dramas, then Thank You For Your Service is just about as good as any. It’s a lot like American Sniper, but with less combat scenes and more time spent on the aftermath of war. There are some thrilling action sequences, as well as emotional moments. The film even has a mild level of humor that varies throughout.

This time of year, you can find a decent film almost once a week among the new releases. This week, Thank You For Your Service is a strong contender to hold that position, amongst the Coen Brother’s newest offbeat crime drama, Suburbicon, and the horror film, Jigsaw. Thank You For Your Service is now playing in theaters.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Thank You For Your Service is rated R for strong violent content, language throughout, some sexuality, drug material and brief nudity. Running time is 1 hour and 48 minutes.