PROSPER, Texas -- Erin Kauffman, coach of the second-ranked Prosper volleyball team, has many talented players, but none more surprising than senior Hope Gramly.

Unlike her teammates, Hope hasn’t been playing very long. She started just a few years ago. Despite that, she’s become one of the top players in North Texas.

“She's the best blocker I have ever coached, and I have coached at the college level and the high school level,” Kauffman said.

Hope has actually gotten at least five different offers from colleges to play Division I volleyball, but what's most amazing is that she's said no to every single one.

That’s because she’s getting a scholarship for something totally different: bowling.

Hope is unofficially the best high school bowler in the country. In fact, at a recent national tournament, the only people to beat her were college students.

Her love for bowling all started when she was 10. Her dad, Lee Gramly, simply wanted to take the family out for a day of fun.

“I think that just lit the fire,” he said.

Hope rolled her first 300 at 14, started beating her dad at 13, and is the most sought-after young bowler in the country.

“The top two colleges for bowling, women’s bowling, in the nation, have told me I’m their top recruit,” Hope said.

The phone in the volleyball office keeps ringing, too.

“When colleges contact me, I just say, ‘What’s your bowling team like?'” Kauffman said. “If they don’t have bowling, I tell them she’s not interested.”

“Bowling. It’s bowling all the way,” Hope emphasized.

What started as a family outing will soon pay for her education, and she hopes a professional career will follow.

But if for some reason this sport doesn’t work out, she’ll always have a spare to fall back on.