After their wedding 50 years ago, R.W. White and his wife, Peggy, had no horse and carriage or fancy limousine waiting to whisk them away.

Which is what made it incredibly romantic. 

“This is us waiting to get on the helicopter,” R.W. said while looking at an old picture.

Peggy got the idea to leave their wedding in a helicopter because R.W. loved being in the air. He even had his pilot’s license and flew as much as he could.

Couple recreates wedding send-off 50 years later

“I thought it was a great idea,” R.W. exclaimed. Since their wedding 50 years ago, R.W. and Peggy have only been back in a helicopter a couple of times. One of those was when R.W. was care-flighted after a terrible accident that nearly took his life.

Because of that accident, for much of the past 20 years, R.W. has been grounded.

Knowing that, his daughters Joani and Paige really wanted to make their parents’ 50th anniversary special.

“That’s when I suggested how about we try to recreate some of their wedding memory of a helicopter experience,” Joani said.

The whole thing was kept a secret from R.W. and Peggy. Which, they obviously didn’t mind. They flew around North Texas, reliving their wedding day while leaving any bad memories far below.

“It kinda makes you feel younger,” Peggy said.

“I didn’t feel much different,” R.W. responded with a laugh. “I just think it’s special cause it kind of recreated the way we started.” 

Fifty years and it's still love at first flight.