There's a holiday hangover at the movies this weekend. Studios are counting on you to catch the films you missed over Thanksgiving. But there is one interesting new opening and the return of a classic.

The Breadwinner
Angelina Jolie executive produced the new animated movie "The Breadwinner." It's the story of an Afghan girl. When her father is wrongfully arrested by the Taliban, she disguises herself as a boy to support her family.
Rated PG-13 WestEnd Films

If you just can't get enough of Jack and Rose, Director James Cameron is re-releasing "Titanic" for one week only to mark its 20th anniversary. Yes, it's been 20 years! This new version is in Dolby Vision, playing exclusively at A-M-C Theatres. Cameron promises it's like seeing the blockbuster love story for the first time.
Rated PG-13 Paramount Pictures

The latest Disney-Pixar animated film "Coco" will likely hang on to its number one place from Thanksgiving. Miguel is the boy at the center. Coco is his great-grandmother. She doesn't want him to chase his dream of becoming a musician, so he enters the land of the dead to pursue his quest through his ancestors. Does Hollywood have that short of a memory? Dallas animation house Reel FX released a similar film, "The Book of Life," in 2014.
Rated PG Disney-Pixar

Lady Bird
If you want to catch the best-reviewed film of the year, that's "Lady Bird." And, no, it's not about Lady Bird Johnson. It's the nickname the central character gives herself. Saoirse Ronan stars as a California high school student forging her own path. She's at odds with her mother played by "Roseanne's" Laurie Metcalf. The film is directed by indie actress Greta Gerwig, her directorial debut. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 100% rating with more than 160 critics weighing in.
I'd call that a ringing endorsement!
Rated R A24