Every parent dreads the moment of terror and panic when their child loses their favorite stuffed animal.

Last week Nikki Swofford and her husband Tim faced those fears after their 4-year-old son Luke lost his beloved teddy bear aptly named "Teddy Bear."

"It may sound silly, but he really is like a member of the family," Nikki said.

Like many parents, the couple searched high and low. They believe the bear was left behind at the baggage claim at Love Field Airport in Dallas. They tweeted photos, called the airport and even requested surveillance video of the area.

"Why not ask," Tim said.

Parents across the country who saw the Facebook post identified with the search and quickly started to share the story on social media. Local news stations also picked up the story, and soon it was seen all over.

"It's been amazing, the goodness of people," Nikki said.

Dallas Love Field also helped. Staff posted the photos online and searched the building. The story started to catch urgency to find "Teddy Bear" as well.

"We've had to talk to him about what happens if Teddy doesn't come home," Nikki said.

But The Swofford's persistence paid off late Tuesday afternoon. The staff at Dallas Love Field tweeted a photo of the stuffed bear which had been found.

It was a happy ending for the Swoffords and for all the parents across the country who were rooting from behind their screens and keyboards. The airport says "Teddy Bear" will be kept safe and is waiting for Luke to come pick him up.