KINGWOOD, Texas - A local woman is giving one of her family members a priceless gift, she is the surrogate for her cousin and her cousin's husband's unborn child.

The baby's heartbeat is the sound this family waited for years to hear.

"That's just a magnificent, normal, steady heartbeat,” said Dr. Phillip Pinell, as the two families crowded in an examination room at the doctor’s office.

Laura and Blake Werner had struggled with infertility.

"When we decided we wanted to have kids, we assumed it would happen quickly," said Blake Werner, the father.

On their second try at IVF, their daughter Kalyn was born.

"We attempted four more times after that, and all were either unsuccessful or successful, and we subsequently lost the baby," said Blake.

Then came an offer, they never expected. Laura's first cousin, Michelle Eby offered to be a surrogate.

"Once their last implantation failed, it was just something I had been praying about and I just felt like it was something we needed to do for them,” said Eby.

“It was just incredible, because it took all the pressure off me,” said Laura.

Under the care of Dr. Pinell, Michelle will deliver at The Woman's Hospital of Texas in just two weeks.

"Just about every week, I run into someone, I mention that I have a child on the way and they ask something about, 'how's your wife doing?' And that turns into a story, well… it's actually not my wife,” said Blake, laughing about those moments.

“I think it’s just gotten us all a lot closer,” said Laura.

It's a journey that's forever intertwined two families.

"Our kids see that there's still good things that happen in this world,” said Eby.

A world that's about to get a lot brighter with the birth of a baby girl.

"It's surreal to think in less than two weeks, a baby will be handed to us, it will be our baby and we will take it home,” said Blake.

The Werners have already decided on a name, Landry Michelle, in honor of her cousin.