“I'm just going to take this off,” said Floyd Blake scraping the glue off a doll’s head. “It's going to take a minute.”

For 27 years, Blake has been known as the "Parkland Doll Doctor". He calls his dolls patients. His garage is the hospital. His workshop is the operating room.

“I repair the heads on them, the arms, the legs, and the body,” said Blake. “I've done thousands of dolls in my lifetime, and I know what I'm doing.”

Some of his surgeries can be tricky.

“I put eyes on dolls," said Blake. "You have to go inside the head, cut all the way around it, remove the eyes completely and put the new ones right in.”

Blake has some health issues. He’s recovering from hip replacement surgery and a broken heart.

“A few years ago, my girlfriend passed away,” said Blake. “We were together for 15 years, and I had to, you know, handle the estate. And I went over and I brought 350 boxes here and I opened up this doll museum and everything you see here, this is kind of like a 're-memory' of her.”

Blake’s museum is wall to wall dolls.

“No, the dolls do not talk to me,” said Blake. They look at you. Some occasions when mom comes in with their little child, the child will cry.”

The Doll Museum
(253) 320-1479
14104 C St S, Tacoma, WA 98444

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