NEWMARKET ONT., CANADA (WVEC) -- One Canadian grandfather's emotional reaction when he was told that his patriarchy would take on another generation has touched thousands of hearts online!

As Harry Rollo, Sr.'s first granddaughter, Bianca Rollo has a special bond with her "Papa."

Growing up, Bianca said they shared a lot in common and loved fishing, going on boat rides, garage sale shopping, riding motorcycles and going out for ice cream.

So, when Bianca got pregnant, she wanted to make the announcement a special one for her 85-year-old grandfather.

Video that surfaced online shows Rollo giving a gift to her grandfather on Father's Day. She knew he loved t-shirts, so the rest was simple.

The video shows Mr. Rollo opening his gift to find a t-shirt. He unfolds it and holds it up to his face.

After reading the words printed on the shirt, his eyes open wide with excitement and he pauses. The shirt read, "GREAT-GRANDPA TO BE...December 2017."

A few seconds pass by, and Mr. Rollo drops the shirt, looks at his granddaughter and breaks out in tears.

Both of them embrace as you hear happy sobs in the background.

Rollo told us that seeing his reaction was a touching moment.

"It was very heartwarming to see his reaction. Very emotional moment for sure."