Jessica Sasfai, a 29-year-old from Dallas, has two loves: her animals and her family, but only one love-hate relationship -- with her clothes.

As a baby, Jessica was in a car crash and suffered a heart attack, spinal cord injury and head injury. She has symptoms similar to cerebral palsy. Getting dressed can be a pain. When it gets cold, it takes 10 minutes just to get a coat on.

“It was 10 minutes of torture, of being frustrated,” she said.

To avoid the headache, Jessica would often not wear a coat, which either made her really cold or really sick. Last year, she decided that was enough.

“It’s really what made me want to do this,” she said.

Jessica put her two college degrees in fashion to work, designing a coat that was easy to put on and fashionable. After a year of work and dozens of designs, she now has a coat that takes just two minutes to put on.

“This, to me, just represents the comfort of winter I never had,” she said while pointing to her new coat.

She’s already filed a patent to sell her coat to people with similar physical challenges. “You’re not going to find anything else like it on the market,” she said.

If it were up to her, she’d give it away for free. “For me, I’d rather give my coats away than have to watch somebody suffer like I did.”

With that in mind, Jessica plans to sell her coats for the lowest price possible. It will not only keep hundreds like her from getting cold, but it will also warm her heart.