There are emotional reunions every day at Dallas Love Field. But nothing quite like the one Wednesday morning, inside the airport's lost and found.

After a desperate, nearly week long search that captured nation attention, four-year-old Luke Swofford, of Rockwall, was finally reunited with his best friend, a beloved toy named "Teddy Bear."

The stuffed bear disappeared last week at Love Field after a family trip to Denver. Luke thought he'd never see him again.

Luke's parents, Tim and Nikki Swofford, posted pictures and a plea on social media, sparking a nationwide search.

"There's no replacing Teddy Bear. He's one of a kind," said Luke's mom, Nikki Swofford.

It struck a chord, because everyone knows what it's like to lose something special. And on Wednesday, Nick learned what it's like to get that back.

"This moment is just what kindness and love can do," said Nikki SwoffoRd. "It's a silly old bear but it's amazing. Thank you guys very much."

There was a special thanks to Ian Fryers. He's the security compliance officer who found Teddy in an airport breakroom, with help from security footage, which is how he watched another employee bring the toy there from the curb for safe-keeping.

"I saw the special alert," said Fryer. "We knew it was the bear when we found him."

"He's part of the family, so getting him back is magical and heartwarming," said Nikki Swofford.

The inseparable duo is back home now, and you won't see them apart for very long. The boy and his bear have a lot of catching up to do.