DALLAS – A photographer spent hours in the woods, working to capture a couple’s sunrise engagement.

The photos look perfect.

However, there is just one thing. Arkansas-based photographer Jacob Peters of JP Photography said the images of that special moment weren’t of his intended clients. It’s a uniquely bizarre story that’s getting lots of attention across social media.

Dallas attorney David Le and his girlfriend Jenny Pham never expected the images of their special moment would be shared with the world. For them, it’s a pleasant surprise.

"To me, I feel like I have the most perfect fiancé, and he did all of this for me.” Pham said.

Le and Pham describe themselves as a couple of pranksters. They have a rather funny story about how the unexpected photos of Le popping the question came to light.

Le planned a bit hiking trip to Whitaker Point in Arkansas, last Saturday. Executing the proposal did not go quite the way he wanted.

"I called about 10 to 12 different photographers, trying to hire someone, but no one was available," Le said.

The groom-to-be tried to be clever. He convinced Pham to help him record the sunrise.

“I thought that was weird, because he had Go-Pros set up already,” Pham said.

Little did the couple know, Peters was perched on a cliff across the way. He was hired to take photos of another couple’s engagement from the same site. That pair did not show up on time.

Later, when Peters realized he was snapping photos of the wrong set of love birds, he shared the story and pictures on Facebook.

A link of that post eventually made its way to Le and Pham.

“The story. The day. I said, 'I think that’s us.' And as you read more into the story, I said, 'I think that’s us. I’m like that is us! That is us!'” Pham said.

For the young couple, seeing the surprise photos is making their engagement even more special. They are giggling with pride about the internet attention.

“It was the perfect weekend,” Le explained.

Le and Pham say they wouldn’t change anything about their special day and the special set of memories that came out of it.