Monopoly is asking its fans to select new tokens for the popular board game. The Monopoly Token Madness Vote is available online through January 31.

Fans can pick their favorite eight tokens from a list of 64 options, including the current lineup. There is no limit on entries.

New token options include modes of transportation, like a monster truck and a surfboard, animals, like a penguin and a dinosaur, and clothing items, like a bunny slipper and a bowtie.

Several of the new tokens are inspired by social media. The list features emojis, a thumbs-up token, and even a golden hashtag.

While more traditional Monopoly fans can select only current tokens, there is no guarantee that old favorites will remain in the lineup.

“No token - not even the Scottie dog -- is safe!" said Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming.

The car, thimble, boot, top hat and battleship have been staples of the game since 1935. The wheelbarrow and Scottie dog were added in the early 1950s. The cat token took the place of the iron in 2013, during the last fan vote.

Hasbro said it will reveal the results of the contest on March 19, which they have dubbed World Monopoly Day. The fan-picked tokens will be available for purchase this August.