There is no time like right meow for Cindy and John Pennington, who plan to open Tarrant County’s first cat cafe next month.

Casual Cat Cafe will open sometime in July in Richland Hills, Cindy Pennington said Tuesday, just east of the intersection of Glenview Drive and Grapevine Highway. There the couple will foster 12 cats at a time from Richland Hills Animal Services, Hurst Animal Services and Tall Tails Rescue and Transport.

A cat cafe is a kitty-first environment, whose ultimate goal is to find homes for cats from its partnering adoption services. So the food usually takes a back seat to the purrs and cuddles going on in the cat lounge.

The Casual Cat Cafe will offer refrigerated beverages and coffee, and is still looking for a local bakery to partner with to bring in all manner of cat-themed cookies, cupcakes and other sweets.

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