Remember the recent "Price is Right" episode when a trio of contestants spun different combinations of $1 on the game show's colorful wheel?

TV history was made that day – the three way $1 tie had never happened before. The game show famously awards contestants who earn $1 on the wheel without going over a $1,000 prize and a chance to spin again.

CBS affiliate KWTX reports that one of those three winners lives right here in Texas - in Copperas Cove.

Manfred Zimmer not only won cash at the wheel, earlier he won a car.

“They give you a little thing, says I won this car and your wife comes up on the stage… and she got to hug Drew. That was the best thing ever,” Zimmer told KWTX.

Zimmer says he had to keep the entire experience to himself and couldn't even tell family until after the show aired.

Copperas Cove is located about 70 miles north of Austin.

(The Associated Press and KWTX contributed to this report.)