The Amazon Fire Phone has been released exclusively through AT&T. The phone is the e-commerce company's first attempt into the smartphone world.

The phone includes features that are becoming the norm in smartphones. The Fire Phone has a 4.7' screen, three speakers (one on top and two on the bottom) and a 13 megapixel front camera.

What makes it different are the added features not currently used in other phones of this caliber.

  • Five cameras on the front one camera is the actual camera, the other four cameras are part of the 'Dynamic Perspective' sensor system. These cameras are used for facial recognition when you move the phone around the apps move with you on the screen. It has a 3D effect and you have to see it to understand the movement.

This is fun, but does it add to the phone's functionality? Not really.

  • Tilt A flick of the wrist can take the user back to the quick start menu.

Sometimes the user has to use a bit more strength to make it work. It is more work than most people want to put into changing a screen.

  • FireFly This technology makes it easier to shop. It recognizes over 100 million items. It can give you pricing on everything from food items to high-end electronics. It can recognize music, movies, and even e-mail addresses. Just point the camera at the item and it should recognize it.

This is not the easiest feature. Sometimes it works really well. There are times when it does not work or it is difficult to get it to recognize the item.

  • Amazon Shopping So easy to shop with this phone.

The phone is exclusively with AT&T. With a two-year contract, you can get the phone for just $199. The phone includes a free year of Amazon Prime, which normally costs $99, free unlimited cloud storage for photos, and 1,000 free Amazon coins ($10) for apps and games.