Hovertraxx 2.0 from Razor $460

Hoverboards are still popular with all ages.

- 2.0 meets or exceeds the highest fire and electrical standards

-self-balancing utilizing “everbalance technology”

-cruise up to 8mph for 60 continuous minutes

-comes in 5 colors

-blue light bars

Star Wars Battle Drones: from Propel $99

-We have the X-Wing

- There use reverse propulsion, the blades are on the bottom. Helps it control and fly more realistically.

- Up to 12 people can dogfight each other using laser tech

- There is a cool companion app as well

Polaroid Drone: PL3100

- Nice features like connecting to your smartphone to see the real-time video and records pics and video directly to your device

- A self-regulating 2 axis gimbal on the camera so the camera can actually move and is not a stationary


- Up to 12 minutes of flight
- Auto landing feature brings the drone down slowly and softly.

-Beginners can set a slower mac speed and it has headless mode: great for beginners who get all turned around when flying and don’t know which way is which on the drone.

JBL Pulse 3 $199

- Portable Bluetooth speaker with amazing 360 degrees sound


- LED light show that pulses and beats to the music with preset or programmable pattern which you can make through the JBL CONNECT APP