If you watched the second presidential debate last Sunday and thought, "This is going to be great on Saturday Night Live," then you were right.

In the new season's third debate-themed cold open, with Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump again battling Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton, SNL turned what many saw as a nasty town hall-style debate into a display of comedic genius. And the show didn't even need to embellish much.

The sketch, with Cecily Strong and Alex Moffat as co-moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper, presented questions that were pretty similar to those actually asked in the "worst-ever" debate, as Strong's Raddatz calls it.

The video poked fun at many of the night's extreme moments, from the candidates skipping an opening handshake (on SNL, they use their right hands to smooth out their hair instead of shake) to Trump lurking behind Clinton (on SNL, he gets Jaws theme music).

We recommend you watch the 8½-minute sketch in its entirety for jokes about Clinton's forced efforts at being relatable, to a Trump Home Alone 2 reference. And, yes, Ken Bone (Bobby Moynihan) makes an appearance.

It should be noted that the real Donald Trump didn't care for the bit and says Baldwin's portrayal "stinks."