Like any wife and mother, Kayla Olson loves spending time with family, but the happiest place on earth is the middle of the ocean.

“That is true,” she said.

Kayla, of Denton, fell hard for the Disney cruise line. In fact, she and her husband, Andrew, just returned from their fourth Disney cruise.

But it was the first time she set sail when her world magically changed.

“It never crossed my mind that that cruise ship could change my life,” she said.

Kayla was an aspiring author, without a single book to her name, when that Disney cruise stopped at an island called Castaway Cay.

For Kayla, it was love at first sight.

But once she returned home, all she could think about was that beach.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t afford another trip. So Kayla created her own beach by writing a book, “The Sandcastle Empire.”

Only her beach was much more dangerous and far more dramatic.

Once Kayla finished writing, for the first time, a publishing company agreed to print her book. But before it ever hit the shelves, she got an unexpected phone call. On the other end was Kayla’s agent with news that Paramount Pictures wanted to make her book a movie.

“And it was Leonardo Dicaprio’s production company,” she said.

Keep in mind, this is the first book Kayla has ever had published and soon, one of the best actors in the world, will make it come to life.

The movie is in development, meaning it’ll be awhile before it hits the big screen, but Kayla says

there’s a lesson out there for anyone dreamer who needs to find a spark.

“The best possible way for your life to be turned upside down is a Disney Cruise.”

The happiest cruise on earth.