What's new in theaters this weekend:

The Shape of Water
The Critics Choice Awards nominations came out this week and leading all nominations with the most ever is "The Shape of Water" with 14. It's the work of visionary director Guillermo del Toro. Set in the 1960s, Sally Hawkins plays a mute cleaning lady at a marine lab.. who finds a kindred spirit with a captured sea creature.. and falls in love. She gets fantastic support from Richard Jenkins, Michael Shannon and Octavia Spencer.
Fox Searchlight Pictures - Rated R

Darkest Hour
It's hard to even believe that's Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in "Darkest Hour." Set in the early days of World War Two... the newly-appointed leader faces the threat of Nazi invasion.. and delivers his famous "never surrender" speech. Five hours of makeup daily along with Oldman's immersive style makes this a truly convincing portrayal. Lily James co-stars as Churchill's secretary.
Focus Features - Rated PG-13

The Disaster Artist
Have you heard about this one? James Franco plays the star of what's considered the best "worst" movie ever made. That film was "The Room," which has become a cult favorite. This is "The Disaster Artist." And Franco really has some fun recreating how the project did or didn't come together. His brother Dave Franco co-stars as well as Seth Rogen.
A24 - Rated R

Wonder Wheel
The prolific Woody Allen hits the Coney Island boardwalk with his latest film. Set in the 1950s, Kate Winslet plays a former actress, Jim Belushi, her husband, Juno Temple, his estranged daughter running from the mob and Justin Timberlake, a lifeguard who dreams of becoming a playwright. Watch for some former "Sopranos" stars as heavies.
Amazon Studios - Rated PG-13

Just Getting Started
"Bull Durham" writer/director Ron Shelton pulls together quite the duo in "Just Getting Started." Tommy Lee Jones plays and ex-FBI agent and
Morgan Freeman, an ex-mob lawyer in witness protection. They have to put aside their petty golfing robbery to avoid a mob hit. Rene Russo also stars.
Broad Green Productions - Rated PG-13