Here's what's new in theaters this weekend:

Phantom Thread

Is one of the best actors of our time really hanging it up? Daniel Day-Lewis says "Phantom Thread" is his final film. He plays a 1950s London dress designer whose routine is disrupted when a young waitress becomes his muse. This is another collaboration with Paul Thomas Anderson. You could say Day-Lewis is his muse. Newcomer Vicki Krieps holds her own against the master actor, and Lesley Manville's character can put him in place as his sister. While the film has exquisite moments, the Oscar-winner deserved a finer swan song.

Focus Features - Rated R

The Commuter

Liam Neeson is back in action, this time on a train. Poor guy must be exhausted, but he's so watchable! His character just lost his job when a mysterious woman played by Vera Farmiga involves him in a criminal conspiracy. All he has to do is identify the person on the train who doesn't belong. $100,000 is at stake. Eventually he catches on that he might be on the wrong side of things. Is it too late? Plenty of suspense, but Liam, get some rest!

Lionsgate - Rated R

Proud Mary

Anyone who watches Taraji P. Henson in "Empire" knows she can be feisty, to say the least! She takes that to the next level playing the hitwoman, Mary. Nice to see her in the lead! And Mary's not just any hitwoman, she works for the Boston mob. She's forced to rethink her ways when a hit goes bad and a young boy enters her life. Henson says this reminds her of 1970s movies, and she channeled none other than Pam Grier for her role.

Screen Gems - Rated R

Paddington 2

How cute is Paddington Bear! The original movie was a delightful surprise when it came out around this time in 2014. Paddington's story and charm continues, as he's happily nestled in with the Brown family. He wants to treat his aunt to an awesome pop-up book, but the book is stolen and he's framed. Out to steal Paddington's furry thunder, a villainous Hugh Grant. He's actually nominate for a BAFTA for his role. "The Shape of Water" star Sally Hawkins reprises her role as Mary Brown. 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Warner Bros. - Rated PG