It's only fitting that pictures now tell the story of Perry Stewart, long-time movie and theatre critic for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

"He was so colorful," said Kathy Gutierrez.

He is known for his long hair, raspy voice and big heart.

"Perry worried about me because I was a single mom, so every Mother's Day, I would open my front door, and there would be a card and a gift from Perry,” said Gutierrez.

Perry's life was filled with highs and lows. When he was only 10 years old, he was hit by a military jeep while crossing the street.

"And somehow the wing window, the old wing windows that used to be on cars caught his throat and tore out his voice box,” said David Stewart.

He wore a tracheotomy tube until he was 18 years old. "That is why he had a raspy voice,” said Stewart.

In a bizarre twist of fate, Perry who was 75, was run over again in October. He was crossing this intersection when a driver zipped through the intersection and hit Perry who had the right of way, Dallas police said.

“A truck came barreling around the corner, and they hit him and Perry was hurt very badly,” said Gutierrez.

He suffered broken bones and a brain injury, and doctors had to perform another tracheotomy on him. "It was ironic that after all those years to have that happen again,” said Stewart.

In the end, Perry could no longer tell his legendary stories, leaving his friends and family to tell his story.

He was run over just after going to Starbucks to buy coffee for volunteers at his church. His last act was one of kindness. That is how Perry Stewart lived his life.