Home is where the heart is...and this week was one of the most important episodes throughout Rachel's journey on 'The Bachelorette.' If mama doesn't like you...you're going home.

But really, hometown dates happened in good 'ol Dallas this week and we saw three very different hometown experiences between the remaining guys.

This tweet from Rachel herself couldn't have been more accurate of how it went down.

First up, Peter.

Oh Peter. He's the one that's been open and honest about how reserved he is when it comes to expressing his feelings for Rachel throughout this journey. Peter admits he is falling in love with Rachel and the feelings are reciprocated by Rachel. So hey, we're getting somewhere. Still no L-bombs dropped out there... *crickets.*

Peter tells Rachel's mom that he's not comfortable asking for permission to marry her yet -- which is totally understandable considering they've known each other for a little over nine weeks now. Rachel's mom seems to respect that decision.

Second is the best, Eric. (isn't how the saying goes?)

Rachel starts Eric's date by taking him on a tour of downtown Dallas. Yes, that includes the reunion tower!

So enter Eric. Really think this guy has some potential...but what's troublesome for not only me, Rachel's family and the rest of Bachelorette nation is that Eric admittedly says he's never been in love before. Ooof. Not necessarily an end-all-be-all, but everyone seems to question where his feelings stand with Rachel if he's never had anything to compare them to.

Eric shares a bit about his family history with Rachel's family and post- date he says he feels totally relieved and confident. Eric did ask momma Lindsay for permission to marry Rachel and her response was a bit awkward. She didn't say no...but she didn't say yes either. Awkward turtle moment for sure.

Save the best for last? You'd think, right. Wrapping up hometown dates is Bryan.

This seemed like a super promising date before it started -- judging by how passionate and open Bryan is about Rachel...but watching the saga unfold with the Lindsay family was tough. And tough is the best way to describe how the family was on Bryan. He claims that though is love for Rachel happened quick, it's real. The fam bam just isn't buying it though.

Moving on...

Viva españa! Aka fantasy date time.

Rachel offers Eric the fantasy suite: Eric accepts.

Peter has his Spain date and this is where things heat back up again. Twitter exploded with people talking about what the word engagement really means. Peter looks at engagement as an extension of marriage -- Rachel doesn’t see it the same way.

Rachel cries, we cry inside...and that is where we leave off on this week's episode.

Buckle up Bachelorette nation...next week is the 'Men Tell All' episode and something tells me it's going to juicy.