The 2016 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book debuted today in Dallas and that can only mean one thing, the holiday shopping season is here.

Every year, the luxury retailer includes a fantasy gift section full of extravagant offerings that most can only dream of, and this year is no exception.

"We are thrilled to present the 2016 Fantasy Gifts. Our team has scoured and vetted hundreds of one-of-a-kind ideas resulting in this highly curated collection of 12 items and experiences." said Jim Gold, President & Chief Merchandising Officer of Neiman Marcus. "It is our goal to bring dreams to life!"

If you’re on the edge and need the extra push to dig deep into those pocket books, Neiman Marcus will be donating the majority of the proceeds from fantasy gift items to the Neiman Marcus Foundation which benefits the youth in communities nationwide through enriching art experiences.

Find more outrageous and affordable gifts in the 2016 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book at this link.

Video and Photos Courtesy of Neiman Marcus