Q: Can you please clear up your signal to the east side of Dallas? We have analog, and we have an outside antenna...



Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:51 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 16 at 12:25 PM

Q: Can you please clear up your signal to the east side of Dallas? We have analog, and we have an outside antenna. Tonight, for instance, all stations come in clear except Channel 8, which has been unclear now for over one year. We live 4 miles due east of Fair Park inside Loop 12. We have avoided your channel because of this, except tonight (we wanted to watch the Oscars through the snow, vertical linear interference, and fuzzy picture).

A: Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. When you say you have analog, are you saying you have an analog set and are using a converter box? If that's the case, here is some information we often provide viewers when we receive similar questions. They tell us it's helpful:

WFAA-DTs signal is available over the air on Channel 9. It is currently the only VHF digital television station in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. You must have an antenna capable of receiving both the VHF and UHF bands to receive all of the DTV stations. If you are using a "Rabbit ear" antenna it may be very difficult to receive WFAA's DTV signal. Rabbit ears with an RF amplifier may help. Also make sure the antenna is extended all the way and locate the antenna close to a window. The best option is to install an outdoor antenna see below.

Here is an example of a dual band (VHF/UHF) antenna:

To adjust your antenna for the best reception of WFAA-DT we suggest that you connect your antenna to a standard definition set and tune to Channel 8. Adjust your antenna for the best signal on Channel 8 then re-connect it to your DTV receiver and re-scan the channels. You should then receive 8-1,8-2 and 8-3.

Our analog and digital transmitters are in Cedar Hill, Texas, which is southwest of Dallas. Therefore, having an unobstructed view and pointing your antenna toward Cedar Hill will provide the best possible signal.

If you are still having problems, consider a better antenna or a good quality RF amplifier to boost your signal. Make sure the amplifier says VHF/UHF and NOT CATV. Winegard and Channel Master both make good quality RF amplifiers.

If you have intermittent reception of our DTV signal and use an antenna in your attic, one problem some viewers are encountering is requiring them to move their antenna away from their air conditioning unit as it can cause interference, when it is active, and the DTV signal will be lost.

Another tip: if you channel up or channel down to 8-1 and there is no picture but your system shows good signal strength and you have performed a re-scan then try this. Disconnect the antenna coaxial cable connected to your tuner. Perform a re-scan so no channels will be learned. Re-connect the antenna coaxial cable to your tuner. Perform a re-scan.

For antenna installation help try:

There are several forums on the Internet that discuss free, over the air, digital television reception. One is for the Dallas-Fort Worth television market:

Another has nationwide discussions and local discussions for the DFW are A: