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Rachel Gaffney's success comes from a unique combination of personality and perfection with a pinch of Blarney. The founder of Rachel Gaffney's Authentic Irish Goods, she is authentically Irish herself.

She began to sell the cookies in markets and gift shops around Dallas. As she produced the shortbreads in greater quantities, Rachel realized that use of premium butter was key to flavor and consistency. In the early days, she threw away hundreds of cookies that didn't meet her standards. "You can't take shortcuts to achieve the product I want," she says. "You can't use refrigerated or frozen dough - it doesn't taste the same. And one thing I'm never going to do is add preservatives."

Rachel Gaffney's Traditional Irish Butter shortbreads are the authentic original cookie, and she has created a Lemon Zest flavor. As the name indicates, these are flavored with freshly zested lemons, giving them a light infusion. You must try Rachel Gaffney's melt-in-your-mouth cookies to believe them. They're marvelous with a cup of tea or coffee, or as an elegant dessert paired with ice cream, fresh berries, whipped cream or chocolate.

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Amber Augustin and her family won an Extreme Home Makeover. But in addition to their new home, Amber was also able to highlight her passion - photography. Amber uses her talents in photography to bless families who are struggling to help their pre-mature babies survive. Amber documents this part of the journey of life and provides a life-long keepsake for families to treasure. For more information about Tiny Works of Heart log onto and click on "Extreme Home Makeover".

"Treasures for Less" with Dawn Mellon

Dawn is Pat and Emmitt Smith's stylist and she has some fabulous examples of how great style does NOT have to break the bank. We will have a look at some great fashion and accessories stores and will show viewers how to pull them off to make them look like they what the stars are wearing!


7 Strategies for Success for getting organized

1. Have the right tools/equipment available to tackle the project.

  • Purchase trash bags different sizes of clear, plastic storage bins. (Make finding as easy as storing. Use see-through containers whenever possible; when you can't, label the containers.)
  • Save the receipt; you can return the ones you don't use.
  • Also have boxes labeled Give Away, Garage Sale, Recycle

2. Set a deadline for finishing the job.

Go on and call your favorite charity and schedule a pick-up or call a neighbor and plan a garage sale together. This will motivate you to finish. It's also a good idea to de-clutter and organize just before bulk trash pick-up time.

3. Store like items together.

Think in categories. Gather all items used for the same kind of project and put them in one spot convenient to the user. (example)

4. Store items close to the place they are used most often.

Don't simply store things in the first handy or seemingly logical space, which will keep you from getting organized. Think about how you're going to use the object.

5. Allocate your most accessible space to the items you use most often.

Shelves between eye and waist level are prime storage areas in the kitchen. Don't store your Bundt pan, which you use infrequently, in front of your sauce pans, which you use daily.

6. Use 5 -minute segments.

If you don't have a block of time to de-clutter and organized, you'd be surprised how much you can accomplish in 300 little seconds, and how many five-minute segments you can grab here and there. Granted, you won't unload your home of ten years' worth of clutter in a few minutes, but you'll make progress every time you work on it-and eventually the project will be finished. Examples i n five minutes, you can

Sort through a junk drawer.

Clean out a couple of shelves in your medicine cabinet.

Purge through a basket of magazines and catalogs; toss old ones.

Remove clutter from one surface area.

7. Get the whole family involved.

Play Clutter Be Gone game.

Practice 7-minute nightly sprint

Clutter Jail

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Sean Greens is the Director of Community Relations at the Dallas Zoo. For more information about upcoming events log onto or call 214-670-5656.