Uncut: DeSoto football coach Todd Peterman

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So much of what we’ve heard surrounding the future of DeSoto football coach Todd Peterman is just rumor...gossip, but clearly where there’s smoke there is fire.

Nowhere in Texas does a football coach who takes his team to its first state championship, fields a record number of all-state academic student, face losing his job. Nowhere in Texas does a school board meet in executive session for hours to decide whether to bring him back for a second season.

Even when a winning coach has broken the rules, it usually remains quiet.

In this case, more than one person has cited race has the reason… saying some school officials believe the predominantly black DeSoto football team needs a black head coach…

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Hard to imagine that as the reason….

Considering head basketball coach Chris Dyer, is not only white, the DeSoto High School gymnasium carries his name.

And yet, the shameful rumor persists. A rumor that if true, is sickening.

In my office next to my computer is a photograph of Frederick Douglass. It reminds me of those who have struggled, so I that I can do what I do. I do not believe he did what he did to allow anyone of any race or gender to be mistreated for any reason.

So for me, the one bright light about the DeSoto saga was the huge mostly black turnout in support of Todd Peterman at the most recent board meeting. Players, former players, community members who made it clear to district officials, if the color of Todd Peterman’s skin has anything to do with what’s going on...some heads will roll and well, they should.

It’s pretty simple really: If there’s a problem with cheating or wrongdoing of any kind, let the coach go. Give back the championship and the trophy-- they were won improperly.

If it’s something else...let’s hear it and it had better be good.

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