24 hours at Love Field - #24LOVE

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The best way to see the world is hands-on. It’s what reporter David Schechter does every day and now he (and the WFAA team) are taking you along for the ride.

WFAA took a trip to Love Field, the “little” airport in Dallas that’s booming.

In the last year, 16 million travelers moved through Love. That’s almost 10 million more than five years ago.

How do they do it? WFAA spent 24 hours behind the scenes to find out. It was live and uninterrupted. The camera never turned off.

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Viewers got a front-row seat to the world behind the ticket counters and security checkpoints. Places few people have ever seen.

So watch what that 24 hours looked like: 


Sunday, May 15
10:00-10:30pm - Greetings from the FAA tower catwalk

10:30-11:00pm - Interview FAA tower chief
11:30-1:00am - Cleaning bathrooms, kids play area and food court
Monday, May 16
1:30-2:00am - How LBJ took his Oath of Office at Love Field
2:00-3:30am - Get to know the WFAA team: David, Chance, Jeff
3:30-5:00 am - David strips rubber off runways, re-paint lines, change lightbulbs
5:30-6:00am - How Love Field has changed with Bruce Bleakley, Frontiers of Flight Museum Director
6:00-7:00am - David works at Dunkin' Donuts

7:00-8:00am - The crew eats breakfast!

9:30-10:30am - Behind the scenes with Southwest.. turning a plane

10:30-11:00am - Southwest: Station command center
11:00-11:30am - Southwest: Cargo facility
11:30-12:30pm - Southwest: Provisioning Warehouse
1:00-2:00pm - Live Music Stage and Lunch!
2:00-2:30pm - Interview with Dallas Aviation Department
4:30-5:30pm - Inside FAA tower, air traffic controllers at work
5:30-6:30pm - David worth in the parking garage
7:00-8:00pm - Interview with Love Field neighbors
8:00-9:00pm - The crew eats dinner
9:00-9:30pm - Record Newsish Podcast
9:30-10:00pm - Final 10pm story preparations
10:00-10:30pm - Polishing the airport floor