Did you know, Dallas: National Videogame Museum

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Tucked away in growing Frisco, Texas is a national treasure waiting to be explored.

News 8 took you to the National Videogame Museum for a preview before they opened their doors officially, April 2 but since the opening, NVM co-founder John Hardie says their plans for the space are growing.

NVM features more than 100,000 videogame consoles, games and artifacts from both past and present.

Hardie and his team have been collecting all the items you'll see in the space since the 80's and they couldn't be more proud of their treasures.

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"Frisco is the perfect fit, with a lot of new tech businesses coming to the area, this is the perfect place to be," he said.

Hardie says his team didn't want this space to be like your average museum.

"The first thing we all agreed on is that we don't like museums," Hardie said. "We wanted to turn that whole concept on its head."

Throughout the 10,000 square-foot space you'll see a little over 20 installations with something for the entire family-- gamer or not."It was important to us to have videogames available at every exhibit so that no matter where you go there's something to play," says Hardie.

Hardie says it's easy to get the kids and dads in the door but they want the moms to appreciate their time at the museum as well. That's why you'll see historical rooms and scenes throughout the space to create a relatable experience.

Admission is $12 for adults and $10 for children. For directions and hours visit the NVM website.

Sticking with the videogame theme...there's even a coffee shop/restaurant/bar right across the street dedicated to the videogame culture.

Nerdvana food + spirits' website dubs them as "an unpretentious upscale restaurant and bar focused on contemporary American dining, craft beer, and video game culture." 

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