Single North Texas mom dresses up as dad so her son doesn't miss out

Yevette Vasquez Facebook post
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A North Texas mom’s good deed for her son has gone viral.

Yevette Vasquez, a single mom, noticed more cars than normal when dropping her son, Elijah, off at school. He told her it was because of a “Donuts with Dad” event being held that day.

Vasquez wanted her son to be able to attend, so she made a trip back home to fill in as a father. She grabbed a plaid shirt, a baseball cap and a mustache and returned to school with Elijah.

In the comments on a Facebook post this week, Vasquez said she got ready in seven minutes. She admitted she was "nervous" to dress up as a dad, but didn't want her son to miss out.

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“I know seeing other dads with their kids isn't easy for mine but it’s life,” she wrote in her post. “At least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face.”

You can see she did just that, based on the photos of her son at the event. 

Her post has been shared more than 4,000 times.