'King of the Hill' fans to gather on Dallas bridge, yell 'bwah!'

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So just how many "King of the Hill" fans would gather to yell out "bwah!" (or is it bwaa? bwaah?) in celebration of Hank Hill? Apparently more than 500, according to a Dallas Facebook event page.

The event was approved by the show's creator, Mike Judge, who wrote, "good luck with this" from his Twitter account.

Denise Rodriguez set up the event that encourages fans to meet up at 1 p.m. Saturday on the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.

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"Calling all propaniacs!" the event page reads. "Dress up like your favorite KOTH character and come bwaahh on the bridge."

But imitating Hank Hill isn't the only thing on the event's docket. Rodriguez says "high-fives will be awarded for:

Longest Bwaahh
- Best Bwaahh
- Best "I tell you what."
- Best "Dang it, Bobby."
- Best "That boy ain't right."
- Best Boomhauer Speech

But it's only Hank Hill's best "bwah" that will earn fans a prize, fan art.

As of late Friday afternoon, 570 Facebook users said they planned to attend the event and more than 3,400 marked themselves as interest.