Brett Shipp

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Brett has worked as an investigative reporter at WFAA-TV since 1995.

His body of work includes his on-going series of stories into faulty natural gas couplings linked to fatal explosions, his exposes on cheating in high school athletics, the hazardous storage and lax regulation of ammonium nitrate, the methane contamination of water wells in the Barnett Shale and the on-going leadership sandals at DISD.

His investigations have resulted in his being awarded the most coveted prizes in broadcast journalism… the duPont Gold Baton, two duPont Silver Batons, three Peabody Awards and multiple regional Emmys.

Brett was also the first local reporter on the scene in New York City following the 9-11 attacks.

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Bret grew up in Dallas. He attended Highland Park High School. He is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University. His father Bert Shipp is a legend in Dallas television with a 40 year career as a reporter and assignments editor at WFAA-TV.

He lives in Oak Cliff and has raised his two children Harrison and Katherine.

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